Denise Costa, BA, MD Child & Play Therapist



Child & Play Therapist specializing in separation/divorce, grief and

Childhood should be a time of care-free wonder but sometimes kids are challenged by events that can be traumatic. Many children experiencing separation/divorce, grief and bereavement can navigate the course without long-term effects; others may experience these life events in a way that might affect their current and future mental well-being.

Play Therapy is not traditional therapy. Using play, I can offer the child an opportunity to express themselves the best way they know how. A child's ability to verbalize their worries, fears and sadness is very unlike an adult's and so, I have learned to interact with kids in
a way that is most natural to them. I help support kids through the separation and divorce process beginning in the early stages until they are comfortable with the new life they have been asked to live. I also support children through grief and bereavement. From diagnosis
of a terminal illness of a loved one (including parents, close relatives and family pets), to the funeral process and beyond, your child will have a safe place to express and work through all of the emotions that come with grief.

To contact Denise directly, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 647.971.PLAY (7529)

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